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What is a certified legal nurse consultant?
A certified legal nurse consultant (CLNC) is a registered nurse who has been trained and certified to partner with attorneys and insurance companies in medical litigation.

If I have a paralegal do, I still need a CLNC?
Yes, not only is a CLNC an expert in nursing and knows the ends and outs of the health care system, managed care environment, and deviations from the standard of care and/or scope of practice. CLNC’s understand anatomy and physiology, disease processes, injury treatment, and partners to assist and educate attorney clients and their staff.

If I have an MD on my case do, I still need a CLNC?
Yes, CLNC’s typically offer a more cost-effective legal and medical education and consultation option, ultimately saving the attorney-client money during the litigation process.

At what point in my case should I contact a CLNC?
Preferably at the start of the case, the sooner, the better. That is why we screen the case to establish if the case is meritorious or non-meritorious, which can save an attorney-client the cost of litigating a non-meritorious case.